Yinz know and love Cinderlands, right?

You probably should.

One of Pittsburgh’s best and biggest craft breweries, Cinderlands Beer Co. took the local scene by storm in 2017 and hasn’t stopped pouring the good stuff since.


Just a small sample of what awaits…

Here’s where things get really exciting…

Cinderlands will host an event this Saturday, Nov. 4, at Hampton Beer Outlet!

Meet the team and see what they’re brewing up.

Oh, and taste their beer (and hard tea!). That’s an important component too.

Full details: 

  • Cinderlands Event: Saturday, 11/4, from noon to 2 PM at Hampton Beer Outlet
  • $3 off ALL Cinderlands in store Saturday only
  • Two separate tastings: One for Cindi’s Hard Mountain Tea, one for beers
  • Release of their beloved holiday West Coast Double IPA, Lotta Sap 
  • Swag, raffles, giveaways, and more!


Let us emphasize something here, too.

That $3 off all Cinderlands deal means you take $3 off EVERY and ANY Cinderlands four- or six-packs in the store.

So if you buy a case of Cinderlands (six four-packs) you will receive $18 off your purchase ($3 x 6).

Not a bad deal on some of the finest suds in the Steel City.

It’s all going down this Saturday, beginning at noon.

Clear your calendar and plan to spend your Saturday afternoon at Hampton Beer Outlet!

Oh, and come thirsty.

The good folks at Cinderlands will take care of that for you.

See yinz soon!