Local volunteer fire departments deserve all the credit, respect, shine, and support we can give them.

That’s exactly what 93.7 the Fan’s 5-Alarm Marathon aims to do –– and exactly what we’re supporting this week at Hampton Beer Outlet.

You can chip in, too!


Can’t scan that QR code from your phone? Just tap this link instead. We got you covered.

Now, I’m sure many of you don’t need to be convinced that our local volunteer fire departments are worth a donation. We thank you for that.

But if you want a little extra motivation to set a couple dollars aside for the cause, how about this?

Did you know…

  • Pennsylvania boasts ~35,000 volunteer firefighters
  • The VAST majority of all fire departments in Pennsylvania are volunteer organizations – 90% of them!
  • New gear for a single volunteer firefighter, on average, costs around $3,000
  • Typical training for a volunteer firefighter takes 36 active hours
  • In 2023 alone, volunteer firefighters in our region serviced 22 calls in which a fatality occurred

That’s worth supporting, eh?

If you need that donation link again, it’s right here.

So how does Hampton Beer Outlet fit in?

Fantastic question. We’re glad you asked.

To help push and support this wonderful cause, we will donate 1% of our store’s total sales this Thursday and Friday, June 6 & 7. At a minimum, we will donate $500 (but we expect to far exceed that).

We will also make an appearance live on air with 93.7 The Fan at the Green Tree Volunteer Fire Department, and we will take donations in-store from customers, as well.

If you like sales on beer, we have something for you there, too:


North Country Brewing Company’s incredible flagship beer, Firehouse Red, is discounted for the cause!

Snag a six-pack of this tasty red ale for just $9.99 or take home 15 cans for just $21.99 –– your choice.

Support local beer and local volunteer firefighters?

Seems like a no-brainer.

We’ll see you in the store soon!