There’s just so much going on this week –– I had to make a full post!

From the start of the Penguins’ postseason run all the way through Mother’s Day, we’re keeping it hoppin’ here at Hampton Beer Outlet.

Check it out:

  • TODAY (Tuesday) is the Pens’ first playoff game. Their recent play has driven us all to drink, but let’s cheer them on! We are featuring an “HBO Hat Trick” all this week, which means:
    • Miller Lite, Coors/Coors Light, IC/IC Light, Bud/Bud Light 30-pack cans for $20.99…buy 3 and they’re only $19.99 each! The HBO Hat Trick! This week only!
  • Going along with the Pens theme, buy any Labatts multi-pack and receive a Pens t-shirt or other swag (Tuesday only, while they last.)
  • Thursday is Cinco de Mayo. It’s a great excuse to drink Corona/Modelo/Pacifico/Dos Equis, and we have great prices on them all! Plus, Wednesday and Thursday: Buy any Corona beer and get a free fresh lime! A beautiful pairing.
  • Saturday is the Kentucky Derby. I’ve been there many times, and it’s the biggest party anywhere/ever. Nothing comes close. Trust me on this. Just an amazing experience.  To help, I bought tons of Kentucky Bourbon Barrel beer, and it’s on sale for $11.99 / 4 pack this week only!kentucky-bourbon-barrel-hampton-beer-outlet
  • Sunday is Mother’s Day. You can’t forget this. And I’m still not sure what we’re going to do….stay tuned…..

So it’s clear this is a big party week, and that means beer and lots of it. We have it stacked high here at HBO. See you soon!

– Bill