We’re pretty darn sick of winter!

Wednesday, Feb. 2, is Groundhog Day, and we have GOT to cheer Punxsutawney Phil on to NOT see his shadow and get us out of this winter.

So here at HBO, we are doing all we can!

We bought 10 cases of Straub’s Groundhog AltBier to inspire Phil. It’s here in 12 packs at the best prices in tahn (and even single bottles for two bucks a pop).


We all gotta drink some Groundhog Bier. It’s the least we can do.

Phil is watching. He knows.

And to celebrate Phil NOT seeing his shadow, on Wednesday AFTER he doesn’t see,  we will have this Groundhog Day Special:

  • HBO DOLLAR DAY – $1 off any multi-pack beer in the store: 30 pack, 12 pack, 6 pack, 4 pack…..whatever! (No singles though, just multi-packs!) It’s a buck off everything. Buy 3 packs, save $3. Buy 10 packs, save $10.

And we are so confident Phil won’t let us down we are gonna do this Dollar Day on Wednesday whether he sees his shadow or not.

If he doesn’t see it, we will celebrate. If he does, we will drown our sorrows.

We kinda win either way! See yinz soon.

Never been to the store? We can’t way to see you. Get directions right here