Corona LIMONADA Tasting

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Corona makes seltzer?!

They sure do. And it’s delicious, of course. Friday, July 23, from 4– 6 PM, stop into Hampton Beer Outlet to see what the hype’s all about with Cornoa Limonada.

Using real ingredients and flavors, Corona’s new Limonada is a crisp, refreshing summer beverage that will be at home on the beach, at a tailgate, or just at home on the deck.

The classic lemon-lime is made with real Mexican lemons and limes and sweetened with real cane sugar, so it’s perfectly tart and enjoyable for a full session or just a quick refresher. And there just might be some other flavors to try too…

If you’ve visited us in the past, we look forward to seeing you again. If not, you can get directions right here. See yinz soon!