It was really tough to convince 93.7 The Fan’s Colin Dunlap to sign up for this task, ladies and gentlemen.

Like, super difficult.

Here was our pitch:

Stop into our store Friday, June 24, at 5 PM. We’ll have six of the best IPAs from local Pittsburgh breweries waiting on you.

You sample them all –– but no peeking! This is a blind taste test.

After you’ve thoroughly sampled all six, you tell us your favorite.


Amazingly, he agreed.

So the fun begins in-store this Friday, June 24, at 5 PM, and we’ll get it all on video.

Besides the fun of sampling some of the best Pittsburgh-brewed IPAs, Colin will also take your questions and answer them during his drinking sesh.

Ask him about sports, beer, food, movies, or whatever the heck you want.

He’ll take on everything for the duration of this painstaking and completely-forced-and-not-at-all-voluntary-for-free-beer task.

This is going to be fun.

Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the results!