Win a Signed Letang jersey.

• Win Pens tickets.
• Win Pens t-shirts.
• Win Pens beer glasses
• Win Pens coozies
• Win Pens swag
• Special “Hat Trick” Specials on beers
Do I have your attention, Pens fans?
OK, this is big. Our HBO team wants to really show some love to the Pens this Saturday, March 19.
We are going to have a HUGE celebration event that you’re not gonna want to miss. I have been squirreling away all sorts of Pens stuff from all the beer sales guys for weeks and I gotta get it all out of my office and into our customer’s hands!
  • All customers wearing Pens gear Saturday will receive a ticket to enter to win an authentic, signed Kris Letang jersey or a set of great Pens tickets for the April 29 game vs. Carolina. Either/Or. You decide which prize you want to enter to win: the jersey or the tickets! But you have to be wearing some Pens gear! (Winner picked and called on Sunday, March 20)
  • All customers will win a Pens prize. And the more spirit you show the better your prize might be. Just sayin’.  T-shirts, glasses, coozies, other assorted swag. Everyone wins! Everyone.
  • It’s gonna be a fun day!

Oh, and beer specials. Because we’re a beer store, ya know?

  • $2 off ALL craft 12/15/18 packs <<<<<<<<<<
  • Sam Adams Cold Snap | 12 pack bottles | $16.99
  • Labatt Blue/Blue Light & Iron City/IC Light | 30 pack cans | $19.99

OK: I’ll leave you with this. Labatt is an “official” Penguins sponsor and beer of choice at PPG Paints Arena. Check this out: I pay about $1.50 each for the 25 oz. cans. I sell them for $2.00.

They are $13.50 at PPG Paints! Thirteen freakin’ fifty. 

There’s your fun fact for the day. See yinz Saturday!
– Bill