Look at your calendar. Isn’t that wild?

It’s 2/22/22 on a TWOSday, ladies and gentlemen, and we’re bringing the sales to celebrate.

Let’s cut to the chase. TODAY ONLY:

  • $2 off local Pittsburgh craft beer AND super-premium crafts from across the country
  • $2 off Bell’s TWO-Hearted 12-packs
  • $2 off Southern Tier 2XIPA 12-packs
  • $2 off Southern Tier 2XHAZE 12-packs

About that first bullet point…

Our $2 off local Pittsburgh craft sale always pleases the masses, and we took it to a new level for this special 2/22/22 celebration.

Not only can you take $2 off any four-pack of Brew Gentlemen, Grist House, Hitchhiker, Eleventh Hour, Old Thunder, Cinderlands, Hop Farm, Dancing Gnome, Four Points, and many, many other local Pittsburgh classics, but we’re extending the offer to our super-premium crafts from across the U.S.

Hello, Hoof Hearted (no, that wasn’t a question).

Hello, Other Half.

Hello, Lawson’s.

Hello, Equilibrium.

Hello, Aslin.

Yeah, they’re all $2 off — per four-pack! — today.

Find these in our coolers along the right-hand side of our store. You’re going to love the selection. That’s a promise.

After that, if you want a beer with “Two” in its name, chances are it’s $2 off, two (breaking the grammatical law just felt right in that case. Sorry about it.).

We’re looking at you, Bell’s Two-Hearted and Southern Tier 2XIPA (and the brand new 2XHAZE).

Snag a local legend or snag an established classic. It’s all going down for TWOSday!

See yinz soon. (Directions here)