Look, I don’t like this game one bit…

I hate the Ohio-based team*, and I used to live in St. Louis, so I hate the other team since they abandoned the city for La-La Land, too.That said, of course I do love a good party and will still watch the game and celebrate with some beers. To help you celebrate, we have some weekend specials, and we are LOADED with beer! We just got in the brand-new Bud Light NextSam Adams Cold SnapTroegs Hop Horizon, and legendary New York-based craft brewery Other Half.Oh, and our Pittsburgh All-Star coolers are stuffed full of awesome local brews AND we’re holding FREE TASTINGS of Yuengling, Hop Farm, Stella, Kona, Troegs and more this weekend (details here). Not bad.

Now, onto those deals:

  • Yuengling 24/12 oz cans  – $15.99 (crazy!)
  • Heineken 12/12 oz cans  – $12.99 (also crazy!)
  • Guinness Draught Stout 24/14.9 oz cans – $39.99
  • Craft beer 12-pack specials: Fat Tire, Lagunitas Varieti-packs, Sierra Nevada Sunny Packs  –  $15.99
  • Straub’s 15 packs – $9.99
  • Perfect for a Super Bowl party, we have Cincinnati-brewed Rhinegeist Hop Box 12/12 oz for $17.99 

And don’t forget Monday is Valentine’s Day! We have lots of special Valentine-themed beers in our Pittsburgh cooler and in our seasonal areas. Don’t fumble that one… Last but not least, I’m taking the Ohio team +4 1/2. The thought of facing that quarterback over there for the next 10+ years is enough to drive me to drink.Cheers!Bill

*The NFL is pretty strict about advertising and marketing around the big game. We had to change some language in this post… but we think you know who and what we mean.