Here we go!

Ok. Let’s be real: None of us truly saw this coming. But here we are, in the playoffs. All it took was a miracle (or three) and a Chargers timeout. But hey, we will take it all the same!

To celebrate this unlikely Steelers playoff bid, we want to have some fun this weekend.

Now, my idea of “fun” is selling beer. (As a guy who owns a beer store, I can’t say I’m a fan of this whole “Dry-u-ary” thing.)

This is going to be a great weekend of football (and beer drinking) from Saturday afternoon through Monday night, headlined, of course, by the Black and Gold’s game Sunday night. (Pro Tip: Don’t make any big plans for Monday morning. I’ve done the research.)

To help everyone enjoy the weekend festivities, we are running a special sale on a variety of beers. There’s something for everyone here.

The sale is good Friday-Saturday-Sunday only! 

For you craft beer lovers:

  • ALL Pittsburgh craft beer 4 packs – $2.00 off
  • ALL Craft beer 12 or 15 packs – $2.00 off

For tried-and-true gameday brew: 

  • Bud/Bud Light 30 pack cans – $18.99
  • Coors Light, Miller Lite, Iron City/IC Light 30 pack cans – $19.99 (our ALWAYS best price in tahn)

For you import beer lovers: 

  • Import case sale: ALL 24/12 oz cases – $2.00 off
  • Heineken 12 pack cans or bottles –  $13.99
  • Corona Limonada 12 pack cans – $6.99 (These were $18.99 but I got a really great deal!)

And, OK, for you poor Dry-U-Ary folks:

  • Take $1 off all non-alcoholic beer, 6- or 12-pack. Just because.

I hope to see you this weekend.

Oh, and P.S… Mention that you saw this post and we’ll get you a special Steelers gift (while supplies last, of course).

Here we go!

– Bill