Hey, so, do you remember when we posted that bottle of Sam Adams Utopias across social media?

Yes, that one.

Fun fact: We figured out what we’re going to do with it.

Funner fact: You might be taking it home with you.

From today (Wednesday, Dec. 8) until Wednesday, Dec. 22, every VenMo donation you make to Hampton Beer Outlet goes directly to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank –– and enters you to win that bottle of Utopias.

To reiterate:

  • Donate to Hampton Beer Outlet on VenMo (click right here)
  • We are giving 100% of the donations to the Pittsburgh Food Bank (every dollar goes to them)
  • Every dollar you donate is an entry to win the bottle of Utopias (consider every dollar like a raffle ticket!)

So, for example, if you donate $20, that’s 20 entries toward the bottle of Utopias. If you donate $1, that’s one entry.

Please LEAVE A NOTE with your donation giving us your name as it appears on your ID (you’ll need it to pick up the Utopias if you win). 

Again … leave that note with your donation. We cannot enter you without the name/ID for legal reasons.

In a worst-case scenario, you are STILL helping feed those who need it most in our community. In a best-case scenario, you’re helping our community and taking home a bottle of Utopias.

There is no losing here, friends.

Feel free to email us with any questions you might have at beer@hamptonbeeroutlet.

Until then, we look forward to your donations. They truly make a difference, and we’re honored to contribute to the cause.

We’ll keep the bottle of Utopias safe in the meantime. Don’t worry.Hampton-Beer-Outlet-VenMo-QR-code