Get excited, Pittsburgh: Brew Gentlemen is growing — and they’re not looking back.

During a recent chat with our Hunter Homistek, Brew Gentlemen GM Alaina Webber discussed the brewery’s expansion and current focus within the ever-expanding Pittsburgh craft beer scene. Not gonna lie: It’s tough not to get excited about these moves.

The brewery’s flagship beer, General Braddock’s IPA, has been available in our Pittsburgh All-Stars cooler for months and is a regular best-seller. But Brew Gentlemen isn’t stopping there.

They’re releasing another new beer this week (the week of March 22, 2021) to stores.

Yes, we will stock it. Yes, we are pumped about that.

No, we don’t expect it to last long.

Throughout the conversation, Alaina and Hunter talk about that move and everything else going on with Brew Gentlemen (which includes shipping all over the state of Pennsylvania, so that’s pretty neat, too!).

Catch the video in full right here: